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Why a Placemat?

Photographs are printed on canvas, glued to flexible vinyl and protected with clear varnish.

You have some great pictures but not quite worthy of a single print.  And we know how awkward it is to see them on your phone.  Pick about 15 of the best and have them printed as a composite.  One photograph that tells a story, a history, an adventure, on one picture or even better on a placemat.  Every day you can enjoy, friends can see and discuss without the issue of taking time or imposition.  

Description and quality


Each image is separately retouched and enhanced.  The composite is printed on canvas and fixed with a special glue to flexible canvas. It is sealed with a protective lacquer that can be wiped with a water-wet cloth.

How to begin


I. PICK OUT THOSE IMAGES.  Sure, it might take some time.  But how else will the world ever see them?

2. Send them to byhopeStudios on a memory card or stick, CD, via Dropbox, phone message, or email.  If in a RAW formate, great, but JPEG at a BEST resolution is fine.  

I will guide you on the phone or email.

Costs and choices


Each image is worked individually. The arrangement, theme, border, and colors are determined. You will have final say on a proof.

The first placemat with computer time, printing, and materials will cost $75.00. A second placemat will cost $20.00.



WHAT?  Why?  For a placemat?

It's NOT just a placemat.  Each photo is

edited individually, The background and arrangement takes time on the computer and photographic programs.

The materials were researched and are unique to my product.